10-21-2013 02:43 PM

Urban Land Coming to Mobile Devices

April 2010 saw the unveiling of the iPad—the first successful tablet computer for consumers. According to AdAge, it is now estimated that more than 10 million users download digital editions of their favorite magazines, accessing the content however and wherever they want. Urban Land is about to join the roster of publications available on the iPad and other mobile devices.*In recent years, increasing numbers of ULI members—especially those who spend a lot of time traveling—have asked to be able to access Urban Land as a digital edition. In addition to the content already available on urbanland.uli.org, members said they wanted a mobile magazine that would preserve all the graphic design, colors, photos, charts, and other features provided in the print version. All of that will be available in the new mobile app.
This fall, Urban Land will be available for the first time as an app for tablets and smartphones on either Apple’s iOS operating system or Google’s Android. As a preview, the Urban Land magazine app will offer our September/October issue free of charge to anyone wishing to download it. Starting with the November/December issue, an authentication feature that restricts access to ULI members will be added.
Authenticated users will be able to:

  • *Download up to one year’s worth of back issues.
  • *Share articles with nonmembers using e-mail and social media.
  • *Save articles to Instapaper or Evernote.
  • *Click through to web addresses in articles and advertisements.
  • *Zoom in on text and images.
  • Play an audio version of articles, a function designed to aid people who have visual impairments.

While the print edition of the mag*azine is as popular as ever—and will remain available—the mobile version of Urban Land will furnish members across the globe with faster and more convenient access to all of Urban Land’s content.
Soon, ULI members will have three formats in which to access Urban Land content: the print magazine, delivered six times a year; the mobile version of the magazine, downloadable as soon as the print magazine is available; and the online magazine, urbanland.uli.org, which presents magazine content as well as stories that break in between print issues.
We look forward to hearing your feedback on all three formats of Urban Land. Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions to [email protected].
Urban Land for Apple’s iOS | Urban Land for Android
Brett Widness is editor of Urban Land online.

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