10-17-2013 01:30 PM

How Much Do Architects Earn Around the World?

Construction is Booming in China – but do the salaries match the opportunities? Via Flickr CC. Image © Juan Carlos Madrigal In today’s globalized, Recession-reeling world, architects may just be better of changing location – but where is work to be found? And where are the best salaries? Last year, we asked ArchDaily readers where the best places in the world are to find work, and we got hundreds of responses that generated an important conversation. But we need to deepen the conversation – and we need your help.
Read after the break to find out how you can help…
We at ArchDaily would like to map salaries around the world – and find out where the highest (and lowest) average salaries are.*For many countries, there might be official resources available, like this one in the USA which gives data for the average salaries of architects.
So in the comments below, please mention:

  • If there are any official statistics available for your country, and how to find them.
  • If there aren’t, what would you estimate to be an average salary in your country?

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